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Carpet Steam Cleaning


Your carpets represent a significant investment in your home. With this in mind, thorough cleaning and care can not only give you the best feel and appearance for your carpet, it can protect your investment for years to come. At Professional Carpet Cleaning & Floor Maintenance, we own our own expert equipment, which we take great pride in using to get you the best possible result. Prior to beginning a job, we will go through with you the entire process, answering any questions you might have and discuss possible results for any trouble areas.

We deep Hot steam with boosted vacuum power & extraction used to extract mites, harmful bacteria and all the germs that live within the deepest places of your carpet fibres leaving them fresh, hygienic & clean. For flea removal, there is an optional flea treatment available at an additional cost. Carpets are then further sanitized and disinfected to completley eradicate all germs to provide you with a peace of mind. 

We clean to Australian national standards, using the most advanced products and equipment, and are experienced in the wide range of extra protections available. We recommend the steam cleaning process, also known as hot water extraction, as the preferred method for cleaning your carpets. This is currently one of the leading methods used within the cleaning industry and is one of the most effective and safe methods of cleaning carpets.

Our powerful latest equipment and safe chemicals will give you the deepest clean. We use environmentally safe and green chemicals wherever possible. All of our products used are kids and pet friendly. Our product is 100% safe for sensitive fabrics such as wool. So if you have wool carpets, you might want to ask yourself the question whether the contractor doing a job at your house would be using safe products on your carpets and whether or not they have full knowledge of your carpets and products they are using.

We follow a thorough multi stage process to ensure that the quality of the service provided is to the highest standards. The process is as described below:


Stage 1: The carpets are presprayed with a bio-solution which breaks down the dirt and stains in the carpet fibres. 

Stage 2: The carpet is then inspected of any stubborn stains which would not break down with the presprayed solution so a spot & stain treatment is applied to any tough stains to loosen them. A manual scrub is also carried out if needed. 

Stage 3: The carpets are then extracted & rinsed using super hot steam/water with a commercial steam vac equipment which takes the dirt, germs and bacteria out of your carpet leaving them clean, hygeinic & fresh. This process also combs your carpets as it is cleaned.

Stage 4: The carpet are then disinfected & sanitized to complete the entire process. 
The four stage carpet cleaning process ensures that your carpets or upholstery are cleaned professionally and are free of any stains and you are 100% satisfied. so call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.



Upholstery Steam Cleaning


At Professional Carpet Cleaning we do more than clean your carpets. We also understand upholstery fabrics and therefore clean your sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more. 

It is like another discipline that if incorrectly done can go horribly wrong. Having paid out thousands of $$$$ for a good quality lounge suite, do you really want to risk trusting the cleaning of your couch that took you so long to choose and pay for, to an untrained under prepared upholstery cleaning novice. 

Upholstery & Carpet cleaning methods, incorrectly applied to the wrong textile, can have disastrous effects on sensitive fabrics. To make matters worse, these effects are not always obvious but may lead to progressive long-term damage that you may not see for some time after cleaning, by which time it will be too late. 

How will you know if your sofa & carpets cleaning has been done correctly? 
With 14 Years of experience with Upholstery & Carpets we know our product and equipment well. We have come across many different kinds of fabrics during this period and the products we use are guaranteed for all fabrics even as sensitive as wool, the guarantee is backed by our well trained technicians and their thorough knowledge of all fabrics, their products, equipment and experience in industry. We are fully insured and all our staff is police cleared. 

How we do it: 
Pre vacuum your furniture; 
Identify fibre characteristics and potential problems with your upholstery; 
Understand what upholstery cleaning agents may adversely affect or enhance the fibres; 
Be able to remove soils that can prematurely age fabrics (e.g. oils from sweat); 
Restore your upholstery to the highest standard possible; 
Be aware and proactive in ensuring environmental and health standards are factored into each cleaning task they undertake. 
We can also provide fabric protection; 
Leave your fabric smelling fresh, Hygienic and sanitised. 

If lounge suites are not well maintained and are used heavily, it can lead to heavy soilage thus makes it harder to clean as most of the dirt reaches the depths of the fabric and the foam inside the seats. So it becomes essential that a constant care is given to upholstery to maintain it and get the longest life out of it. We do perform our best and try to take as much soilage out as possible from heavily stained fabrics

Step by Step Upholstery cleaning:

- Pre-inspection is carried out to establish the fabric type and amount of soilage and stains on carpet 
- Tough & Stubborn stains are treated with a special spotter that suspends the soilage in them 
- fabric is pre-sprayed with industry approved detergent solutions to suspend soilage and other stains 
- Spot & Stain treatment is carried out. 
- a manual scrub is carried out to agitate soilage to fabric
- Finally, the entire fabric is extracted/rinsed out with industrial grade hot water/steam cleaning equipment. 
- fabric are deodorised and sanitised. 

The difference will be seen right in front of your eyes. You will be amazed at how much dirt is extracted out from your upholstery, our technicians can show you just that while emptying out machine.

so call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.


Mattress Steam Cleaning


Everyday use of mattress can lead to millions of germs, fleas and bacteria development, we may not realise it but our mattresses are swarming with these bad health causing bacteria and germs which are invisible to naked eye.

Millions of dust mites could be living in your mattress right now feeding off your dead skin and triggering allergies.
We remove dust mites, steam clean your mattress to eliminate dirt, then treat your mattress with a specialist solution. This will keep dust mites away for at least 6 months and is completely safe for you and your family.

Your mattress is now clean and protected giving you complete peace of mind. You can use your mattress within just a cuple of hours.

so call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.



Vinyl Strip & Seal


The same as we paint our walls, to not only make them look good we do this to also try to protect the plasterboard underneath from minor damage. Strip & sealing works on a similar principal. Strip and sealing is simply removing the old sealer from the floors surface and laying new coats of sealer to the floor in several layers. This is done in order to protect the vinyl from minor damage caused by wear & tear and to also keep them looking good.

Un-repairable damage can easily be done to an unsealed floor simply by daily walking on the vinyl. Small particles of dirt and sand stick the soles of our shoes/feet, which cause friction when walking on an unsealed surface. This slowly “sands” away the surface of the vinyl, removing the colour and pattern on the vinyl over time. Dust and dirt blowing in from outside is also be easily compacted into the floor simply by walking on the surface; this again creates friction under foot and slowly “sands” away at the vinyl.

Strip & sealing does not prevent this friction “sanding” event from happening, but what it does do is stops the damage being done to the vinyl, as the “sanding” is done to the layers of sealer on top of the vinyl therefore protecting your vinyl from damage. After the top layers of sealer have been slowly sanded away and the vinyl appears to have lost its “luster” then normally there are only one or two coats left on the floor, you simply need to get them restriped and sealed; giving your floors a full level of protection again.

So call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.




General Cleaning


We specialise in end of lease cleaning in Perth and surrounding areas such as Fremantle, Joondalup, Rockingham etc. End of lease cleaning can be difficult to complete on your own, that’s when it’s time to call us for our expert cleaning services. Our vacate rental property cleaning is value for money and we offer part cleaning services or a full bond clean to ensure you get your full bond back.

Our bond cleaning for residential houses in Perth can be comprehensive where we clean the whole interior of the house plus exterior cobwebs, footpaths, patios and balconys. We ensure our cleaning is thorough to the extent that we clean the front door entrance and work our way through the house to the back door. We clean from the top down, cleaning any light fixtures or fans, we de-cobweb the ceiling, wash the walls, wipe over the skirtings, clean any light switches, doors and frames. We clean windows thoroughly including the frame, tracks, flywire and glass.

When providing our rental bond cleaning service we often start in the most used areas that need the most cleaning, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. We clean out the cupboards and wash the doors and spend time cleaning the oven and try to bring it up looking new again. We clean over every surface including any air vents, fans, light switches, tiles, splashbacks, stove and cook top.  Once all the cleaning is complete, we finish by cleaning the floor so we don’t have to walk over them.

With bathrooms we start with the ceiling, fan and air vent, cleaning and washing them to remove dirt and mould. We then get to work cleaning the shower and bath, this is usually quite intensive cleaning as mould and calcium build up easily in bathrooms. We do our best to clean the grout using specialised cleaning agents and materials.

Cleaning walls and windows can be a large job requiring time and energy to clean well. If the walls are marked badly throughout the house, we will need to dedicate a team of cleaners to specifically wash over the entire walls, cleaning from room to room. The difference can be quite astounding, usually it is a build up of grubby fingers and closer to the floor often there are shoe scuffs. We work hard to try and remove all marks while maintaining the original paint work.

A full end of lease clean is our most common request. Often to complete a full end of lease clean of a property it can take up a considerable amount of your time.  This time could be better spent doing the more important things like organising  moving people and making sure the new house you are moving into is ready and suitable for your arrival.

Carpet cleaning can be requested either as a sole service or combined with our end of lease cleaning.  We can steam clean your carpets professionally and satisfy your real estate agents carpet cleaning requirements.

The standards for returning a property are becoming increasingly complex and comprehensive with real estate agents completely checking a returned property, notifying the tenant of any deficiencies and requesting they resolve all outstanding issues as soon as possible, otherwise the real estate agent will proceed to correct the issues, taking the cost from your bond. Returning a house to the real estate agent in a decent state costs you money and time as the additional work must be completed prior to your bond being returned. We can save you time and money by carrying out an end of lease clean prior to your handover.

So call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.




Tile & Grout


If you want the sparkle back on your Porcelain Tiles give us a call. If you want your Sandstone cleaned and the colour richly enhanced and sealed then give us a call. If you want the sealer of your slate tiles stripped off, expertly cleaned and re-sealed then give us a call.

We clean: Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine, Slate, Granite, Bluestone, Quartz, Porcelain and Ceramic. We recommend sealing your tiles and grout which not only preserves their appearance but will make your day to day cleaning so much easier.

Chemical floor cleaners leave a small amount of residue on the floors after mopping which also builds up over time, which also attracts further dirt and this all contributes to a situation where the floors start to look a different colour to what they originally were.You could always get down on your hands and knee’s and scrub your tiles and grout with a scrubbing brush and tile cleaning chemical, however this is a very labour intensive task, and any large area’s that require cleaning will appear over whelming.

Or you could contact a professional tile cleaning company such as us. A fully qualified tile cleaning technician will use a professional high pressure tile cleaning machine, coupled with a chemical matched to your tile type, in order to get your tiles and grout looking fantastic again.

So call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.




Flood Restoration


Flood restoration is the process of a back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage.

As soon as the flood occurs in your home, you want to take every possible step to dry out the home and restore it to its original condition. Wet carpet if not dried out quickly will cause permanent damage. Both the padding and the carpeting need to be dried and sanitized if you want your home to be restored. So, whether your carpet has been damaged due to leaking washing machine, a burst pipe, a sewer backup or a natural flood, just give a call to deal with the situation.  Professional Carpet Cleaning can assist you with all your needs related to flooded carpet restoration services. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The moment we can an emergency call from your end, we arrive at your place with high tech tools as soon as possible. On arrival, our technicians first does a thorough pre-inspection for determining the extent of the damage by water using a moisture measuring equipment. This equipment enables us to know the extent to which the water has spread underneath the carpet and how far the walls or other hard surfaces has been affected. Only after the inspection is conducted we will be able to tell you whether your carpet can be restored. If it cannot be restored, we will give your insurer a report stating the reason of the loss and that the material couldn’t be restored. But if it can restored, we will make a report mentioning the extent of loss and send it to the insurer within 24 hours.

We then extract water from carpet and if needed, remove the underlay from the rug to allow fast drying. Our professionals even apply anti-microbial agent for inhibiting bacterial and mould growth making sure your home is safe for you as well as your family. Driers including lineal fans as well as dehumidifying machines are then installed for rapid drying the carpet. In most of the cases, the carpet gets dried within 2 to 3 days. We clean, deodorize and sanitize the carpet making sure it’s healthier and cleaner than before the damage first took place.

When disaster strikes you need an immediate response. Leaving carpets and other areas to dry naturally after flooding could take a very long time and dangerous mould and bacteria could build up.

We pride ourselves in working to the highest Industry Standards.

So call us today for any queries or free quotes on 1300 360 258.






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